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Yes Maria There Is a Santa Claus

A few years ago Maria, one of our recent brides, had recently lost her beloved pet and asked Santa Claus for a small white dog with black spots.  When he didn’t deliver on Christmas Day she started to think that there was no Santa Claus.  Her faith was restored two weeks later when Santa did deliver…just not in the usual way.  On her way home from work one afternoon, Maria looked across the freeway and saw a large homeless dog.  When she approached, the large dog moved away and behind him sat a small white spunky dog with black spots.  She coaxed him into the car, brought him to the vet and he has been her baby ever since.

Papi sporting his bow tie

Named Papi, the five year old Toy Fox Terrier has become such an integral part of the family that Maria could not imagine getting married here without him.  And we were more than happy to oblige.  Sporting a bow tie, Papi paraded down the aisle at The Magnolia Cottage and took his place among the other groomsmen. That didn’t last long and soon he was carried center stage and spent the remainder of the ceremony at the bride and groom’s feet.

Papi in his place of honor

 At The Payne-Corley House we understand how important your pet is to you. You are welcome to have them participate in your ceremony outside. Ask your Event Specialist how your special member of the family can share in your celebration.

Papi and the beautiful bride

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