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Words of Wisdom for the MOB

On Mother’s Day weekend we thought it fitting to offer some words of wisdom to one of the key players in the wedding planning process, the Mother of the Bride (fondly known as the MOB). 

We turned to one of the Payne-Corley House founders, Jane Wilson,  who just planned her daughter Susanna’s wedding last fall.  “Susanna and Chris have both been living in Albany for several years so it was decided to hold the wedding there.  I didn’t have the expertise of the Payne-Corley House at my disposal, but after planning hundereds of weddings myself at the Payne-Corley House I knew there were a few key things I could do as the mother of the bride to make things go smoothly.” 

Here are a few of Jane’s tips:

1)   DON’T OVER DO IT.   “I can’t tell you the number of weddings I planned where the mother of the bride took on too much and was so stressed out on the day of the wedding.    You may love to tinker with flowers, but on the big day do you really want to be putting the finishing touches on your daughter’s bouquet?”

2)  HIRE PROFESSIONALS.  “Booking a venue I had never been to was a little scary, especially when I have grown accustom to Chef Michael’s amazing cuisine.  But since he was not available to come cater the event we booked our venue based on word of mouth and reviews.  Do your research.  You need to feel confident in the abilities of your venue.  Once we booked the venue we used their referral list to select our other vendors.”

3)  USE YOUR FRIENDS.  “I could not have survived without my girlfriends.  When someone asked if they could help I didn’t hesitate to say yes and give them a job.”

4)  YOU ARE THE HOSTESS:  ENJOY THE DAY.  “The venue we selected did not have an Event Specialist like we offer at the Payne-Corley House.  So I hired a day of coordinator to make sure all the details were covered.   I did not want to be running around making sure the favors were out or the guest book was in the right spot.  I wanted to enjoy the moment because it really is over before you know it.”

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