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Why I Love Our Events Team

This is a bit of a personal post;  I have just been thinking lately about how grateful I am for our AWESOME Event Specialists.  As a business owner it is so difficult to relinquish control of things and trust your business to someone else.   Especially when you are in the business of wedding planning.   But clearly, I cannot personally handle every single event we have (although my husband would argue he cooks for every single event).  Since I also handle the “business” side of the Payne-Corley House AND have 3, young, very energetic boys generic viagra 100mg to raise.  


When trying to decide how to structure “how work gets done” it we were very passionate about having the same person plan the event and execute the event.   That is what I would want as a bride.  This meant we would need part-time event planners.  So how do I find these people?  I didn’t put an ad out on Craig’s List.   These ladies are my friends.  Planning a wedding is an extremely personal time, lots of emotions and feelings are involved and I would only trust people who I know.


I met Jen in High School, we both did musical theater.  We lost touch in college but then were re-connected through a mutual friend.   Jen is always on top of things in addition to having three kids.   She primarily handles our Saturday afternoon weddings but now that her kids are getting older she wants to do more events.  Yay for me!  She has been with us since 2005.


Lori-Ann was originally a client of mine.  She was the wedding planner for one of our brides and we instantly hit it off.   I asked her to come help coordinate weddings for me and she eventually quit her full-time job to be the Director of Sales.  After several years, she decided to just move into the event planning side of things and handle all of our Sunday events.  She has been a member of the team since 2007.


Stephanie and I worked together at the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead.  She was a group sales manager and AWESOME at her job.  We connected again at church and I asked her if she would like to work some events for me.  She had never planned a wedding (other than her own) but I knew she’d be great.  Sure enough, after shadowing me a few times she’s a pro and just had her first year anniversary!   Stephanie primarily handles our Friday evening events.  


Dana started working for our restaurant, Park Cafe as a server, earning extra money to plan her wedding!   She was a full time executive administrative assistant and also had her own event planning business.  I recruited her to begin helping with supervising events and realized that she would be a great asset to the  planning team.   Dana handles our Magnolia Cottage events and rehearsal dinners and has been on the team since 2009.   


For detailed bio’s on all these wonderful ladies, just click here.  



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