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Q & A: “What is a Strolling Reception?”

We launched a new blog series to help you determine the best reception style for your wedding.  Now we’re looking at the “strolling reception.”  Some venues and facilities refer to this dining style as “heavy hors d’ eouvres” or perhaps “food stations.”  But no matter the terminology, the genearl concept is the same:  less formality and mingling is encouraged.

When it comes to strolling receptions I am always asked, “Will my guests have enough to eat?” At the Payne-Corley House your guests will never go away hungry.  Characteristics of strolling receptions are a variety of menu options such as carving, pasta, or sauté stations placed in different areas of the house, passed hors d’oeuvres, and displayed food selections that entice guests to meander and sample.   We love to utilize our talented culinary team to provide action stations for your guests.  I describe the selections as ‘user friendly’ meaning you don’t necessarily need a knife and a fork while you eat.  All the selections work well for the classic balancing act of negotiating your smaller plate and beverage.

Another question asked about a strolling reception is, “Will everyone have a seat?”  That question is best answered based on the number of guests you are having.  But typically for a strolling reception we accomodate seating for about 60% of your expected guests inside the house with additional seating outside.  Strolling receptions encourage guests to move around and typically have more of a relaxed flow of events. Guests can choose to sit inside close to the dance floor action, wander outside on the grounds, sit a spell on the veranda, or even explore the gazebo.   It is always important to have the right ration of seating to guests and since the guests are “strolling” around, we need to leave room for them to do so.

Strolling receptions are perfect for large parties with guests of all ages and celebratory styles. And they are an ideal way to provide guests with a delicious feast without the formality of a sit-down event.

Think a sit-down meal better fits your needs? In the next post in this series, we’ll take a look at the “plated event.” Stay tuned!

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