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Spring is in the Tree

For us here in the south it has been a LONG winter.  We’ve had some great snow days but it seems like the cold has hung around longer than it should and has been extra bitter at times.  I always await the day I pull up the front drive to see the tiny buds on one of the most beautiful features of the Payne-Corley House;  our glorious magnolia tree.   Some call it a Japanese Magnolia, others a Tulip Tree.  But according to our friend and local nursery owner Frank Bell of Woody’s nursery its proper name is Magnolia X Soulangiana, commonly called a Saucer Magnolia.

We are thrilled to announce that the Payne-Corley House Saucer Magnolia is now the official State Champion!  Much thanks to Frank and his dad Woody who measured the tree and submitted it for nomination.  Scott Griffin with the Georgia Forestry Commission certified the tree and gave us the honor of being the largest Saucer Magnolia tree in the state.

The blooms are beautiful but they don’t hold on for long, perhaps only a week or two.   So to see the tree in all its glory I suggest driving by soon.  Shortly, the pink blooms will fall and give way to branches of green.  The azaleas will then follow suit, letting us know spring is here and that wedding season is in full swing.

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