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Q & A: “What is a Plated Event?”

We are picking up our blog series on determining the best reception style for your wedding.   Let’s take a look at the“plated event.”

 Also known as a seated dinner, a plated event is a more traditional and more formal option than a strolling reception.  Every guest is seated, usually at an assigned table, and the meal is served by our wait staff. At the Payne-Corley House, we can accommodate up to 170 guests for a plated event and you can either have a menu selected ahead of time or have your guests order their own meal via a la carte dining service.  Yes, we will let the guests choose their entree the day of the event! 

 Plated events tend to have a more formal air than buffet or strolling receptions but this is not to say they have to be stuffy! Your guests will definitely enjoy being pampered by this dining style.

At the Payne-Corley House we prepare all our meals “a la minute.”  What that means is our culinary team is plating up your food just before it goes into the room, like you would have at a restaurant.   You will NEVER find your meal plated ahead of time, sitting in a hot box with a lid on it.  The extensive experience of our culinary team allows us to really shine with our plated events and offer a level of service most caterers won’t attempt. 

 If your families tend toward the traditional and prefer a wedding reception with a sit-down meal, then a plated event might be your best choice. Or if you’re wavering somewhere between a strolling reception and a plated event, there is also the buffet event option to consider. We’ll explore how a buffet event  differs from the other two in the next post in this series.

Our wait staff is ready to pick up the Cucumber Wrapped Field Greens with Toasted Pecans and Maple Vinaigrette.

what is a plated event

Below are three of our most popular plated entree selections:

Pecan Crusted Chicken with Vanilla Sweet Potatoes, Madeira Jus

 plated events

Seared Salmon with Herb Risotto, Basil Oil:

plated wedding reception

Beef Tenderloin with Caramelized Onions, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Red Wine Reduction

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