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Q & A: “How Do I Decide on a Reception Style”

Once you’ve chosen a reception venue, it’s only the beginning of the planning phase.   Your Event Specialst will soon want to decide what “reception style” you’ll be having.   You may know what you are looking for before you book the venue and that’s great!  Or, you may want to explore the pros and cons of each style with your Event Specialist and decide the style that suites you best.


The most common types of reception styles include a Strolling Reception , Plated Events (also known as Sit-Down or Seated Dinners / Luncheons) and Buffet Events.   There are various benefits to each of these reception types and the reception style that works best for one couple will not necessarily be the style that meets another couple’s needs.


In this blog series, we’ll explore the differences among the various types of reception styles to help you determine what makes the most sense for your wedding. But first you’ll want to consider several questions:


1.       How many guests are you expecting? The size of your event plays a big factor in which reception style will be most accommodating for your guests.

2.      What type of atmosphere do you desire for your reception? Do you want guests to mingle throughout the event or do you prefer more intimate seating options and a measured pace?

3.      What sort of entertainment are you planning? Will there be a lively dance band or a subtle string quartet?


While each reception style can be tailored to meet the needs of widely different events, thinking through the answers to these questions will help you envision the arrangement that best compliments your occasion.


In our next post in this series, we’ll start with a look at the Strolling Reception a popular choice for a lot of our brides and a concept with Southern roots.

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