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Q & A: Do I need to do assigned seating?

YES!  Assigned table seating is strongly encouraged for a seated buffet or plated meal.  This makes the guests feel more at home and comfortable knowing where to go and it helps with the flow of the event.


There is a misconception that with assigned seating guests have to sit in a certain place at the tabe.  Not true!  The “technical” term is escort card.   Just assign your guests a table and they can decide where they would like to sit once they get there.   There are so many creative ideas for escort cards (thank you Pinterest!).

Wedding Etiquette - Assigned Seating

You can do a seating chart if you prefer.   Eitherway, PLEASE alphabetize your cards and list, it makes it easier for the guest to locate their name.

assigned wedding seating


The only exception to providing assigned tables would be if you are offering a strolling reception style menu because you want your guests to mingle.  I recommend a few reserved tables for bridal party and immediate family.  Your Event Specialist will help you decide the best number of tables based on your menu and final guest count.


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