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Proposal Contest Winner

Thank you to everyone who participated in our proposal contest, it was a huge success!  We were happy to congratulate Raychel Robbins on her heartwarming proposal from her fiance Peter. 


 Peter’s proposal was an almost unanimous decision by our judges.  They each read the stories individually and 4 out of 5 voted Raychel’s as their favorite.  Our florist, Abby of Abby’s Floral Designs said, “it was simple but really touching.”  Brett, from Black Tie Events loved how Peter involved his children in the proposal. 

A huge thanks to our other judges, For Goodness Cakes, Homewood Suites and Celso’s Cakes  for all your hard work reading and judging the entries. 

It wasn’t until after the contest that we realized Raychel was also a Payne-Corley House bride!   All of the entries were handled by our marketing partner Vine Branch Designs so we were thrilled that Raychel won the contest.  She will be having a lovely bridesmaids luncheon at the Park Cafe before her wedding on February 19th.  

Here is the winning entry from Raychel:

It was a typical evening at home with Peter’s three kids. When baseball, soccer, girl scouts, and/or boy scouts doesn’t get in the way, it’s become part of our routine for us to have dinner as a family. His daughter and I will often end the evening with a bedtime story before Peter and I both tuck her in for the night.  On October 30th, something was different.  As soon as she and I finished reading, Peter and the boys came into the room and Arden jumped up off the bed and grabbed something from the corner of her room and hid it behind her back.  I immediately knew what was going on and I started to cry!  Peter said something like, “…we love you and we want to be with you today, tomorrow, and everyday.”  Instead of asking if I’d marry him, he asked, “Will you join our family?” My answer was, “Of course!”  He presented me with a unique and meaningful ring that has four diamond pave hearts; one for each of them. I always had a hunch that Peter’s proposal would somehow involve his children, but I never expected it to be so emotional for all of us!  The audio on the video is hard to hear, but you can really see the excitement and the love from everyone there…even the dog!


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