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Off to the “Right Start”

Along with all of the wedding details that accompany your engagement you may also want to explore the opportunity to use this time to strengthen marriage preparation by taking a couples course designed to get to know your partner on a deeper level and gain valuable information about your relationship for your future together.

Many churches as well as individual counseling centers offer these workshops.  Perimeter Church in Johns Creek has The RightStart program.  During the six week sessions participants explore a number of topics that will affect their marriage such as budgeting, getting along with the in-laws and conflict resolution.  A mentoring relationship, which is optional for non-members, enriches the experience for the participant couples by pairing them with an experienced married couple who provides them with encouragement and support. 

Cathy and Troy Burwell were married at the Payne-Corley House and attended Right Start.  “Eight years into our happy marriage, we are still so thankful for our premarital counseling!  It has saved us from many an argument, and helped us to understand the specific differences between the two of us.   It gave each of us an opportunity to talk about how we deal with conflict, how we need help from the other, and even the most mundane of things like, who will take out the trash?  It sounds crazy, but talking about these things ahead of time definitely gave us a right start!”

 Photo courtesy of:  Cooper & Co. Photography


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