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Hairstyles to Suit Every Bride

Every bride-to-be wants to look her best, whether she envisions a classic, traditional look or a more modern style.

Always start with a consultation.  Your hair stylist will look at your face shape, personality and lifestyle and of course, the details of your dress, the neckline and accessories such as tiarias, the veil, a barrette or flowers. Trial runs are encouraged so you can try out the style before your big day. Ideally this visit should be at least six months before the wedding day for a consultation.

This year brides are going more natural than years passed. Tasha Shaw of Jamison Shaw Hairdressers in Atlanta suggests doing a soft wave on the side with one side tucked.  This is an elegant, natural look. Brides are also adding vintage broaches or feathers as bling which gives elegant detail.

Additional styles for 2012 are hair softly swept away from the face in an updo with a low bun in the back.  Rouching, a French word which means to plait the hair, creates volume and strength for an easy up-do that has a lovely result. It is a very ancient sewing technique. A strip of fabric or ribbon is gathered in a repeat pattern and as the gathering thread is drawn up, the strip forms scallops or petals. Throughout history, Rouching has been an embellishment or trim on women’s clothing often seen on a neckline, sleeve, hem or bonnet. —- and now it is done with hair!

Hair Stylists will also work with the bridesmaids, mothers and other members of the bridal party.   At The Payne-Corley House, you will have access to our gorgeous bridal suite 1-1/2 hours prior to your ceremony.   We recommend using this time for pre-ceremony pictures and so the bride and bridal party should come with hair and make-up done.   Your stylist is welcome to join you to the bridal suite for last minute touch-ups before you walk down the aisle.

Whatever hair style you favor, you’ll be a beautiful Payne-Corley House bride for your most special and memorable day. 


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