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Flowers for Winter Weddings

Winter is the perfect season for a quiet white house wedding in Atlanta. Imagine being wedded inside of a beautiful old home, with the snow falling softly outside and all of your loved one sitting warmly inside.




If there is any flower in the world that is able to contend with the beloved magnolia, it would be the gardenia. The tender white petals of this extravagantly scented beauty are hard to pass by without fulling enjoying their existence. The lovely gardenia represents both joy and sweetness, which are qualities often attributed to a bride. These seasonally appropriate snow-white blossoms are beautiful in bouquets, and can also be cut and placed into shallow bowls of water to create intoxicating centerpieces. For a bride who cherishes her bridesmaids, gardenia flower can also easily be made into personalized perfumes.




Poppies—the bright, attention grabbing gems of the flower world. No matter which color poppy you choose, how big the blossom or the quantity of the same, it is impossible for a bouquet of poppy to go unremembered. Representing imagination and pleasure, a poppy can be a beautiful reminder that you could never imagine what amazing things are in store for you, your beloved,  and your new marriage.




This gorgeous flower is incredibly reminiscent of lavender and is a relative of our friend delphinium. It’s simple and subdued appearance makes wonderfully for a rustic wedding, with its shy colors complimenting the winter snow. Representing levity and lightness, the larkspur is perfect for the no-fuss, easy-going bride.


Additionally, if you’re looking for seasonal Southern flora and fauna to accompany your fall blossoms, consider berry branches, cranberries, evergreen garland, pinecones, pomegranates, and snowberries.

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