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Featured Entry #3 from Proposal Story Contest

Amy Watkins

Our one year anniversary of when we had the DTR (defining the relationship) talk and made it official, was May 5th.  We decided to go out to celebrate this anniversary on Friday May 6th.  He said he had a plan, could I be ready to go at 3:30.  I was off that day so I said, sure!  We went downtown (that was the only hint he would give me) and we pull up at the Georgian Terrace Hotel.  For those of you who are not from Atlanta, this hotel is directly across the street from the Fox Theater, where shows and concerts and more are held.  He said they agreed to let us sit out on the Terrace even though it didn’t open until 5:00 and enjoy a drink while watching the world pass us by. 

 It was a beautiful day (75 degrees and sunny) and he said he had to order the drinks at the bar since they were not technically open in the restaurant yet so I could go ahead and have a seat.  When he got back out to the terrace he started talking about this past year and how great it had been and how much he loved me, and then all of sudden said, wait what is that while pointing to the Fox’s marquee.  I look at the marquee and it says, Amy stop looking at me, Kit’s trying to propose and when I look back at Kit he is one knee with a GORGEOUS ring!  I would be lying if I told you I remember word for word what he said as I was so shocked (in a good way of course) but it was beautiful!  I, of course, said YES! and we hugged and then he put that bling on my finger!  Afterwards, the marquee on the Fox changed to Congratulations Kit and Amy (thank you, Russ) and we were able to snap pictures of that.

It was magical, wonderful and perfect!

Amy and Kit in front of the Fox Theatre













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