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Featured Entry #2 from Proposal Story Contest

Lauren Kelly

 Lauren and JohnJohn and I were planning to celebrate our year-and-a-half anniversary in June of 2011, and I thought it would be fun to go out on the town in Atlanta.  He seemed to have a different idea, letting me know that he would rather celebrate at his house cooking our favorite meal together and just spending time there.  Even though I thought my idea was better at the time, I am so glad he had something else in mind. The morning of what I thought would be a ‘low-key’ date night, he told me to be at his house at 6pm because he had something special planned.  Of course I had many questions, and he would not answer any of them! We didn’t talk much the rest of the day, and it turns out he had been so nervous/anxious that he was just pacing around his house in preparation for me to get there at 6.  I walked in to find rose petals laying around the house and candles lit. He is a romantic person, but I had never seen him go to this extent- It was like a scene out of a fairytale! He told me to come sit on the couch, where he had prepared a pail of water with rose petals in it.  He told me that if he was going to lead me in life, he must learn to serve me as well.  This is so special because we work to keep our relationship focused on God, and in the bible, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples as a sign of service and love. He then took my shoes off and washed my feet one by one.  I was sitting still as a statue, not knowing what to do with myself! He said “You can start crying now”, which would have been normal because I tend to be very sensitive.  But I was so in shock, I couldn’t even find tears to cry! 

Then he said your second gift is in the next room, and he went to go get it.  He came out holding the ring box behind his back and told me to stand-up.  As soon as I got up on my feet, he dropped to his knees and asked if I would marry him! I was so shocked, I just stood there with my jaw dropped.  After a couple of seconds, I asked him if he had asked the permission of my mom and my grandparents (the three most important people in my life other than him).  He let me know that he had called my grandparents, who live in Pennsylvania, to ask for their permission.  He had also taken my mom to dinner the week prior to our engagement, asking for her permission as well! I said YES and he slipped the gorgeous ring on my finger.  The ring is also very special because the main diamond in the ring belonged to his grandmother first, then belonged to his mom, and now has been passed down to me! I am completely grateful of such a one-of-a-kind gift. The next few hours of that night consisted of calling our loved ones and letting them know the news, though most of them already knew, and cooking our favorite meal together. Thanks to John, I will never forget that night and look forward to our wedding at the Payne Corley House!

Here are a few pictures of our engagement story! The dog sniffing the water is John’s sweet dog, Roxy.  She will be like our first child when we get married!  A wonderful addition to our story.

Thank you!
Lauren Kelley

Rose petals in the shape of a heartPail of water with rose petals in it 

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