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That moment when the world seems to stand still, your heart races, and the love you have for him is so overwhelming you actually are at a loss for words. Were you whisked away to a private bungalow and asked for your hand in marriage after a romantic evening under the stars?  Did he orchestrate the most unforgettable surprise and rope your BFF and parents in on it? Maybe he jumped out of a plane as he professed his love in yet another one of his Xtreme stunts!

Whatever the tale one thing is for certain, you will never forget the day you looked into his eyes and knew that his love for you was everlasting and that you Image of small dog with engagement ringwanted to spend the rest of your life with him.

You know you love to tell the story, so why not win something fantastic for sharing! Submit your engagement story for a chance to win a FREE Bridesmaids Luncheon for up to 25 guests at our sister restaurant, Park Café.

Be sure not to leave out any of the sweet, hilarious, or tear-jerking details. The winning proposal may have impressive originality, a great meaningful gesture, or even a well-planned surprise. Let’s just say we’re looking for the best overall “awwww” factor.

Image of Will You Marry Me? and a heart carved into wood planksEntries will be accepted through January 17. If you’d like to be featured on our blog or at the Georgia Bridal Show on January 8th, please include your video url with your entry.

Winner to be announced on January 21.  

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