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Do You Want To Save Money On Your Wedding?

The obvious answer is…well, of course!

What bride dosen’t want to save a little money on her wedding expenses?  There are a number of easy ways to do that without sacrificing any of the special details such as booking an extraordinary venue, serving your guests amazing cuisine or having a rocking D.J.

Book your wedding at The Payne-Corley House in the months of January and February and we will waive the facility rental.  Talk about a cost savings! Think about what you could use that money for….maybe upgraded lines, a photo booth, florals or even the honeymoon!  You are still getting a beautifully historic home, a professional wedding specialist, exceptional food and beverage and what will be the most special and memorable day of your life.

Photo courtesy of:  Stacey Bode Photography.

Envision your wedding in July, August or November and see a reduction on the facility rental as well.  Savvy planners also know that booking short-term allows vendors more flexibility with rates and minimums.  You’ll need to hit the ground running but by booking within 4-6 months of your planned date vendors are more often anxious to fill the holes in their calendar and work with you on their published pricing.    

If you want to get married in a peak month, consider an off-peak day, perhaps a Friday evening or Sunday.  Facility rentals and minimums are substantially less on on these days.

Don’t forget about our wedding package enhancements for florals, D.J and upgraded linens.  Our preferred vendors have produced cost savings packages for us and we pass the cost savings on to you.

Design courtesy of:  Abbys Floral Design.

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