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Chef Michael, How Does Your Garden Grow?

…With Dutch lavender, English thyme and lemon balm but not necessary all in a row!  At The Payne-Corley House not only is all of the delicious food prepared on site but some of it is even grown here. Figs and pears are harvested fresh from our fruit trees and herbs are grown in Chef Michael’s all-organic year round garden.  These herbs are used in some of the savory dishes that you will and your guests will enjoy.  It was started seven years ago to enhance the already naturally beautiful grounds and to give access to fresh product just a stone’s throw away from the kitchen.



Chef Michael uses no pesticides in his garden and maintains the area himself…you may even catch him pulling weeds!  Parsley is plentiful during the autumn months in our flower pots and any day you might find him snipping away with a batch headed to the kitchen. Along with The English thyme found in his stocks, lemon balm is used in the Watermelon Salad and some of his vinaigrettes.

Rosemary enhances the flavor of the roasted potatoes and the oregano is for the dressing for the Country Greek Salad.  Chef Michael uses the basil for his Signature Basil Pistou and in his pasta creations and as a finishing touch in many of his delectable dishes which include The Roasted Tomato and Goat Cheese Salad, The Ratatouille Salad and Capreese Salad. 


Chef Michael grows the Dutch Lavendar just because it smells good!


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