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Planning Tips

Customized 3D Wedding Party Gifts

  Bridal party gifts should be as unique and as special as the close friends and family who make up your wedding party.  Finding the perfect customized gift does not have to be time have plenty of to do's in the wedding planning process.  It can be as easy as a ...

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Tips For Bridal Portraits

Your bridal portrait session should be a fun and relaxing part of your wedding count down.  To ensure that you make the most of this time, we reached out to one of our preferred photographer's Carrie Joy of Carrie Joy Photography for some useful tips for the day. 1) Prioritize Professional Hair ...

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What It’s Like to be a FOB

  The Father of the Bride is often overlooked in the wedding planning process.   You probably assume when you are a FOB your job is to give your daughter a budget, write the checks and stay out of the way!   I have been a part of plenty of weddings to know that ...

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