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Planning Tips

Set the Date in Writing

  For many, there is not a time that existed that didn’t have social media. But, I’m here to tell you, kids, that a long time ago in a land far away, there was a world and life that didn’t have instant messaging. It’s called the past.   Okay, all kidding aside, ...

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Do’s and Dont’s of Proposing During the Holidays

The holiday season has come and love is in the air. Statistically, those in dedicated relationships are proven to propose to their soon-to-be spouses at a much higher rate in the time between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Now when it comes to proposing, there are some tips tricks you ...

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Embrace A Holiday for Your Wedding

  Would you get married on Halloween?   Ok, so it's not for everyone (check out Cynthia and Justin's Halloween Wedding!).  But have you ever thought about embracing a holiday for your big day?   Hosting your wedding around a holiday can give you springboard of ideas from decor to flowers, wedding cake to guest ...

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