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Plan Your Spring Wedding in a Few Months

If you are thinking about hosting your wedding this spring you may be a little nervous about how you will ever get it all done. Well, no need to panic!   If you are looking for a wedding venue in the Atlanta area with rustic charm and modern elegance,  you'll want to ...

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Set the Date in Writing

  For many, there is not a time that existed that didn’t have social media. But, I’m here to tell you, kids, that a long time ago in a land far away, there was a world and life that didn’t have instant messaging. It’s called the past.   Okay, all kidding aside, ...

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Flowers for Winter Weddings

Winter is the perfect season for a quiet white house wedding in Atlanta. Imagine being wedded inside of a beautiful old home, with the snow falling softly outside and all of your loved one sitting warmly inside.   Gardenia If there is any flower in the world that is able to contend with ...

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Real Weddings


Unique details and stunning photos from a few of our Real Weddings at the Payne-Corley House

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