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Vows That Wow

  The most important promise that couples will make to each other, vows should reflect your feelings and beliefs as individuals and as a couple.  Traditional vows are just that...phrases that have been repeated by couples for centuries. For some brides and grooms those words give them the feeling of permanence and ...

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Always a Bridesmaid?

  Everyone loves being asked to be a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding, it is a celebration of your friendship.   But secretly, you might be thinking "great, another dress.  Why are they having a destination wedding anyway?  All those showers."   While being a bridesmaid is certainly an honor, there are certainly ...

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Weddings Q&A: What to Ask a Potential Wedding Photographer?

  You get one shot at the photography for your special day.  It pays to ask the right questions before you book that very important vendor who will record all of the important and memorable moments of your wedding. We asked one of our vendor partners Katie Snyder of Katie Snyder Photography for questions to ...

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Real Weddings


Unique details and stunning photos from a few of our Real Weddings at the Payne-Corley House

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