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The Secret to a Happy Marriage? Ask a 2nd Grader.

  Beth Ann Ross has been a teacher at St. Jude for many years.  So when her fiance, William Dempsey proposed, the principal jokingly suggested they get married during the school mass.   The couple loved the idea and decided to share their big day with all her students and then to a ...

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How to Choose Your Wedding Theme

  Beachy chic? Romantically rustic? Minimal and modern? There are many different themes you could choose for your wedding. In fact, when you consider each couple’s unique style and personalities, all the possible color combinations, the venue, the season—there are practically an infinite number of themes out there!   While it’s not necessary ...

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Thank You Mom!

With Mother's Day just around the corner, we are going to be discussing the role of Mother of the Bride.  For some moms, planning your daughter's wedding is a dream you have had since the day you gave birth to her. Traditionally the role of Mother of the Bride has ...

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