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Our Favorite Flowers for Fall Weddings

If you’ve long envisioned being wedded atop a bed of freshly fallen leaves or surrounded by trees of fiery red and orange, you know that fall is the ideal season for your wedding. During the fall, it will be cool enough to keep everyone in your party comfortable, and you ...

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Be Modern & Traditional with Two Bouquets

The tossing of the bouquet is that moment at every wedding that single guests either can’t wait for or can’t wait to avoid. The bride has married the love of her life and tradition dictates that she shares that luck in romance with her guests. But where did the tradition ...

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Take a Moment to Enjoy the Moment

  If the modern world has shown us anything, it’s that tradition has become very flexible. What used to be an absolute standard has become one of many possibilities. There are few standards now when it comes to weddings. Classic weddings still happen in big, beautiful churches followed by a reception ...

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