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Thank You Mom!

With Mother's Day just around the corner, we are going to be discussing the role of Mother of the Bride.  For some moms, planning your daughter's wedding is a dream you have had since the day you gave birth to her. Traditionally the role of Mother of the Bride has ...

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5 Tips to Ensure Your Wedding Day Runs Smoothly

  Your wedding day: the day you’ve been dreaming about all your life. The day you marry the man or woman of your dreams, wear the perfect gown or suit, celebrate with the people you love most, and…experience mind-numbing levels of stress.   Ok, scratch that last one.   No one wants to be stressed ...

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Wedding Q & A: Who Should I Invite to the Rehearsal Dinner?

  Your rehearsal dinner invite list should definitely include anyone who is participating in the wedding ceremony: bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents and anyone singing or reading during the ceremony.  You should also invite your wedding officiate if they are your personal minister or friend.   Beyond that, it is simply a matter of preference ...

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