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Be a Good Bride

A huge benefit to being a Payne-Corley House bride is that you have a dedicated Event Specialist to work with you throughout the planning process and be with you on the big day. Our Event Specialists are truly awesome. They juggle so many details on your wedding day and have many plates spinning in the air at once.  They are the primary liason between you, all of your wedding party and family, minister, DJ, photographer.  Not to mention, they communicate all that is happening out front with our operational and kitchen staff to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. 


So, while it is our pleasure to do everything we can to make your wedding perfect, we do have a few “tips” that can help you be a good bride.   In other words, taking care of a few small details before the big day can be a BIG help!    We asked all of our Event Specialists to contribute:


  1. Alphabetize escort cards!  Your guests will need to find their escort card so they know what table they are sitting at.  If they are alphabetized, they can locate their card very quickly.  Cards should be in alphabetical order, not grouped in tables.
  2. Un-box your sparklers or bubbles 
  3. Have a master list with all your personal items and where they should go
  4. Complete your table diagram and indicate the number of guests per table.  That way we can set the tables for the number of guests at the table and there won’t be empty seats.  
  5. Give your DJ a list of the wedding party for introductions in advance.  This does not need to be the same order they walked in at the wedding since this is often not determined until the rehearsal.
  6. Remove stickers from your cake knife and toasting glasses….those suckers are hard to get off! 




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