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A Wedding Website?

While your Payne-Corley House wedding specialist will handle all of the details of the ceremony and reception for you on the big day whether you need a wedding website to enhance the wedding experience for you and your guests before the big day and beyond is a question to be answered.

 For Alycia Monopoli Cullen, one of our most recent brides, having a website was really useful. Alycia felt that it was stressful and time-consuming to set up because she built it from scratch instead of using a cookie-cutter website maker but once she set up keeping it up was really easy and took minimal time. Alycia said “it was great to be able to update information as it became available: important events, hotel blocks, bridal party, etc. and it was a great way for Ralph and I to show our creative side and give the “other” family a sneak peek into who we were marrying before the Day”.


Alycia and Ralph were able to link their registries directly to the site, which made it easy for people to find where they were registered and to order online. Now, after the wedding, they’ve used it to put pictures up of the Day, and are planning on using it to give little updates about other lives and any future events. 

Check out Alycia and Ralph’s custom website:

Free wedding websites are available through Wedding Wire and The Knot.


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